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Located in Scottsdale Arizona, AZ Global is a division of CRN Solutions, Inc. a leading supplier to the telecommunications and networking industry within the US and Canada. Established in 1996, we have grown the company to include several DBA names all sharing the same philosophy of delivering quality products in a timely manner at competitive pricing. With decades of cumulative experience in the industry, CRN AZ Global has grown to be a major industry supplier of fiber optic networking and connectivity products. Supported by a solid network of manufacturers around the globe that specialize in all aspects of networking and connectivity, we have the ability to meet the needs of small, large and Government requirements quickly and cost effectively. Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with extensive product choices of the latest top of the line fiber optic networking and connectivity products at competitive prices. We strive to offer the best factory direct savings, end-to-end solutions, maximum product quality and availability, superior service and special savings opportunities. We serve customers from all segments of the data fiber optics industry within the US and Canada including: Telecommunications, Contractors, Resellers/Distributors, Researchers, Government, Education, Cable TV Operations, and Telephone R&D facilities.


The telecommunications industry is composed of a variety of providers, services to local organizations, long distance services, internet providers, VOIP, HDTV, and security services to a variety of end users governmental institutions, businesses and residential clients.


AGFO’s ruggedized fiber optic solutions are ideal for the harsh environments of ports & maritime applications, such as ship-to-shore communications, pierside connectivity, towed arrays, and mapping/seismic sensing of the ocean floor.


Fiber optics are used across the manufacturing and automation industry for network equipment connections such as pigtails, patch cords, trunk cables, etc. AGFO offers a variety of products and solutions designed specifically for use in this demanding environment, built to withstand repetitive use.


AGFO’s fiber optic solutions offer precise optical alignment, ruggedized packaging, unlimited options for customization in high quality products, providing ideal product and services solutions for your specific applications and project requirements within the defense industry, including government organizations and all military branches.


Medical fiber optic applications include light therapy, x-ray imaging, lab and clinical use, dental tools, surgical and diagnostic equipment, a wide range of equipment and instrument illumination, as well as a large scale of data transference throughout hospitals, medical centers, and doctors offices.


AGFO’s products are designed and manufactured to provide the necessary performance, ruggedness, and durability to support for most demanding applications, designed specifically for the mining industry. AGFO’s multi-channel fiber optic connectors and custom made cable assemblies are used on tagging and tracking systems, conveyor belt systems and other applications.


AFGO has been providing fiber solutions for aerospace and avionic projects for years, including expanded beam technology, lightweight fiber conduits, and ruggedized inter connectivity systems that are especially suitable for aerospace and avionics.


AGFO manufactures highly reliable rugged multi-channel, hybrid and expanded beam connectors that easily connect in the field with minimal signal loss. The connectors are specifically designed for real-time transmission of HD signals with the ability to withstand harsh demands.

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