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Don't give all of your hard earned money to the "Squad Of Geeks". MV, a tool you can keep!!


Malware Vaccine is, simply put, knowledge in a flash drive.  In it is the wisdom gleaned from years of repairing computers and ridding literally thousands of them from the grips of viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware.  Malware Vaccine puts you just a few clicks away from understanding better where these threats come from, who writes them, what they hope to gain, and most importantly, shows you where to find the free tools that professionals like us have used for years to clean customers’ computers.  Malware Vaccine contains these tools for easy access in case malware has made internet surfing impossible. We make recommendations as to which of the established antivirus programs you should, (or should not), be using.  Malware Vaccine contains tips on behaviors that make you a safer surfer.  After all, the internet is a “Wild West Frontier” and we like it that way.  The Wild West was much safer when you had a double barreled shotgun.  Get yours now: Malware Vaccine. Tips, Tools and Wisdom in a 2 Gig Flash Drive!


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